The Global Record of Noble Deeds

It is NOW or NEVER, literally...!

  • Are we responsible citizens and are we wasting the amazing planet we have been gifted?
  • Are we aware of the fact that the planet earth is not the same anymore from what it used to be?
  • Did we shirk from the responsibility of keeping rather celebrating Mother Earth?

Enough with questions, perhaps it is time to join hands together and explore the much-needed answers for ourselves to stay healthy and alive.

Human Impact on Earth

(Sad but true) We have taken this planet for granted.

A few heart-wrenching statistics:

  • The South Indian state of Kerala faced the worst ever floods in 100 years due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season
  • Since 1880, the average global temperature on Earth has increased by about 1.4° Fahrenheit
  • Carbon dioxide levels in the air are at their peak in 650,000 years
  • Air pollution/bad air quality in India is estimated to kill 1.5 million people each year
  • Since 2001, seventeen of the 18 warmest years have occurred
  • According to satellite data, Earth’s polar ice sheets are losing mass
  • Average global sea level has risen almost 178 mm over the past 100 years

…the list is never-ending and it is inglorious.

Who are we?

My Green Footprint (MGFP) – An environmentally-responsible organization that brings citizens of this world come together and do their bit to save Mother Earth.

Straight to the point: MGFP is “The Global Record of Noble Deeds”

We do not stop there; we record your noble deeds and exhibit it to the whole world, inspire and motivate others to lead a change.

What we do?

My Green Footprint brings people from all walks of life together based on an exclusive and supreme objective.

“Save Earth, Save Life”

MGFP is :

  • Free to download mobile app available on iOS and Android
  • For citizens who look for a responsible, gratifying and rewarding mobile app
  • Motivates masses to do something to help save the environment.
  • Empowers you to be a hero and inspire your friends to be a part of a collective solution

How we do?

MGFP is not just a campaign but a MOVEMENT, a NOBLE movement, to be precise.

“Every single noble deed of our app users will not go unnoticed”

We :

  • Encourage you to inspire
  • Support you to motivate
  • Promote you to initiate
  • Reward you to be the CHANGE…

Inspire and influence

  • Bring your friends and neighbors into action by tagging, sharing, collaborating and challenging
  • Find out how your actions liken to the people whom you tagged
  • Help everyone to become a champion to exhibit their noble deeds

We are here to honor everyone who participates in contributing to our society.

Inspire and influence

  • Bring your friends and neighbors into action by tagging, sharing, collaborating and challenging
  • Find out how your actions liken to the people whom you tagged
  • Help everyone to become a champion to exhibit their noble deeds

We are here to honor everyone who participates in contributing to our society.

How Does It Work?

My Green Footprint is free to download mobile app available on Google Play and App Store. All you need is a smartphone.

Step 1: Download & Install - My Green Footprint app

Step 2: Registration & Log In . Your location will be shown with the aid of GPS

Step 3: Choose Green or Pink or Black Footprint Category.

Step 4: Plant a seed/ sapling, take a selfie and post it in our website in real time.

Step 5: Your activity will get embedded as a Green Footprint with your name in the global map

Step 6: Share your activity with all your friends in the social media from the spot and inspire

Step 7: Repeat the same procedure for embedding a Pink Footprint to record any random acts of kindness or even planned charitable activities. Let the world appreciate your contribution to the society.

Step 8: Use the Black Footprint icon to record anything that corrupts the soil or the environment in your opinion. The matter will be intimated to the authorities by the Admin without disclosing your identity

Step 9: Use the same procedure to record even past deeds by selecting the calendar option.

Step 10: Complete the assigned tasks to graduate to the next levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum category of the noble circle.

Green Footprint

“Go GREEN and get rewarded”

Everything that relates to our environment comes under the Green Footprint category. Mother Earth is an abode to trillions of species. But humans are the only ones that exploit the planet. Do your 'GREEN' bit to bring around this planet from the present (planetary) emergency.

  • Plant a tree, care and maintain them, organize/volunteer tree planting events
  • Plan a seed ball making and throwing event, involve kids and create awareness
  • Clean the sewage from the water bodies; stop offering chemicals to the waters
  • Tidy up your neighborhood; refuse plastic bags and go for reusable bags
  • Create awareness about organic farming
  • Understand and create awareness about water conservation
  • Say 'NO' to pollution by saying 'YES' to bicycles to closer distances
  • Prefer carpooling and public transportation
  • Prefer energy-efficient home appliances when you replace old ones
  • Follow effective garbage disposal by the following segregation
  • Prefer local produce; save all the pollution incurred by transporting goods from far away distances

Click pictures while you are at it! Tag your friends and loved ones. You noble deed is now recorded and will be duly rewarded as well.

Have you got more ways to inspire others in saving our planet? Download MGFP and lead the way. Be a champ in saving our environment.

Pink Footprint

“Get rewarded for rewarding acts”

Lending a helping hand to people who are in need is pure blissfulness. As a matter of fact, helping others is a secret to happiness. You got the will? We got the way for you.

  • Create awareness for voluntary blood; arrange blood donation camps from time to time
  • Support flood and other natural disaster relief and rehabilitation
  • Carry a small garbage bag while strolling through your neighborhood; along the way, collect any litter. You get a few exercises as a byproduct!
  • Tack together a basic hygiene kit for destitute containing toilet soap, toothpaste and brush and so on
  • Donate your used books or apparels to a facility
  • Donating money/food or donate something you don't use/need anymore
  • Invest your free time in tutoring students, be a mentor for a kid
  • Help promote wellness in your neighborhood
  • Get in touch with establishments making a difference

You got the heart to do more acts of service? Then do it and show us by clicking a pic. We will make the world know about you.

Black Footprint

“Complain about public issues with just a few taps on your smartphone”

With MGFP's Black Footprint, you can turn a guardian or a defender and file complaints about the issue at hand with your smartphone.

  • File anonymous/pseudonymous complaints towards public issues in your neighborhood and get things fixed
  • My Green Footprint appropriates you to submit/put forward secure and anonymous social concerns
  • Overcome resistance and the 'lack of time' self-justification and contribute your bit to your community anonymously